{foto} friday...

I'm linking up with Jeannette again over at Life Rearranged for her InstaFriday feature. Here is my {retro} week...

The tree has been up since before Thanksgiving, the shopping is done and more than half of the gifts are wrapped! I love being able to sit back and enjoy the month of December!

Crafting with Aunt Gabby after the Thanksgiving feast!

A much needed break after Black Friday shopping with my mom and sis!

Popping bubble wrap....who doesn't love it really?! ;) Little Bit even danced on it to pop some!

Target clearance score!!! I actually tried these boots on in tan on Black Friday and passed them up for 29.99. Then this week I found this dark brown pair on clearance for 7 bucks! They were an online purchase return...and just my size!

And speaking of retro pics....I have been wanting to print some and get the 4x4 size, but I don't want to pay alot for each print. Well I found this tutorial on using Picasa to get them to where they will print as 4x6 with a border on 2 sides and then you can trim to 4x4. I can't wait to try it out!

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the info on printing retro pics!