{dec 2}

Well Little Bit was just as eager to get her card from the advent calendar this morning as she was yesterday. She was up before me...picking the card out....and in my bed asking what it said! I am SO glad that she is SO excited about the holidays and our little daily activities. I love the joy that she has!

Today she got to do 2 things...

One was planned and written on the card....watch a movie and eat popcorn! She loved this...anytime she gets popcorn is a highlight in her book! ;) The hubs stopped at Redbox and got The Smurf Movie for us to watch together.

The other was a surprise I threw in for the day. I got an email from Build A Bear for a free animal, so I decided that would be a great activity to add in. I didn't tell her until we got to the mall, just said I had a surprise for her. It was so cute because she kept trying to guess what it was.

She was super excited and so grateful to get to choose an animal to stuff and take home. Miss Bunny has now been attached to her since we got it!

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