{dec 19 & 20}

Since we usually spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our extended families we like to have an early Christmas with just the three of us. Little Bit has been super excited about opening presents. So last night was the night. It was such a gloomy, rainy day that it was just what we needed to brighten the evening!

Here is Little Bit modeling her new owl shirt! She was in love with everything she got. She kept saying "This is the best Christmas ever!" ;)

Today our activity was to make paper snowflakes. They really turned out super cute and we both had a blast making them! Here is Little Bit showing off her first one. I think I might use some twine and make a garland with them to hang in her room.

{After I used copy paper to make our snowflakes, I saw this post about using coffee filters. Will definitely be using them the next time!}

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Shell said...

What a great idea having an early Christmas with your own family! It makes the holiday really special... and that snowflake is very cute!
Merry Christmas from New Zealand :)